More Sex Makes You Happier and Better Paid

A recent study gives new meaning to the term, “sleep your way to the top,” but thankfully it has nothing to do with boning your boss (unless, of course, that’s the person you prefer to get busy with).

According to a new paper published by the Institute for the Study of Labor, the amount of sex you have each week is a pretty good indicator of how much money you’re raking in from your paycheck. Those who have the most sex make the biggest bank, while those who never do the deed earn the least. I’m assuming we’re not counting prostitutes here?

The study of 7,500 people between the ages of 26 and 50 found that those who get frisky at least four times a week are among the top earners (at least in Greece, where the study was done). Man, I didn’t think anyone over the age of 35 was having sex that often, which I guess reveals to everyone just where I fall in the salary range.

The findings even held up after the researchers took other factors like education and profession into account. Perhaps this means that people who pursue high-paying careers have a more robust libido, or that those who are driven by money are also driven by lust. That would certainly explain why so many high-powered politicians are always caught having an affair. 

Though the study’s author Dr. Nick Drydakis, an economics professor at Anglia Ruskin University in England, told CBS News he wasn’t sure why sex and earnings are linked, he speculated that people who earn the most benjamins have more disposable income to go on more dates. He also postulated that high earners may be more attractive to people and thus see more action than, say, the struggling musician or artist.

Drydakis believes that people who naturally have more sex are happier, healthier and less prone to emotional issues that could keep one from succeeding in the workplace. Those who had the most sex were also more likely to be outgoing and had lower rates of chronic disease like heart disease, arthritis and diabetes. The sad sacks who are getting neither rich nor laid may be lonely or depressed, and can’t seem to go after what they want -- in the bedroom or their careers. Ouch.

But, Drydakis says, simply sleeping around probably isn’t going to magically increase the amount of dough in your wallet.

Still, would it really hurt to try?

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