Couples Who Share Social Media Accounts? Um, That’s Just Weird

A new trend shows that more couples are merging social media accounts -- and reporting they're happier for it

There's a new trend in social media, and it's not a fresh platform or a new app. Apparently, more and more couples are sharing social media accounts.

Were talking an Instagram feed filled with his and hers images -- perhaps a set of hairy toes at the beach, followed by awesome nail art on feminine fingers. 

A recent study from Social Psychological and Personality Science cited in Mashable shows that this is very much a thing -- and furthermore, that couples who post more about their relationships on Facebook say they feel happier and more secure with their partners. 

Maybe so. But is it going too far? I mean, couldn't you just post things on each other's walls and call it a day? Is it worth all the irritated eye-rolling amid friends. Most likely, someone (besides maybe your grandmother) would think, "Puke! Codependent much?" before "Wow, I'm so envious of how bonded they are."

Indeed, relationship therapist Suzana Flores told Mashable, "There is a role for healthy autonomy in every relationship. When couples have a joint account, it doesn’t really reflect that."

Then again, social media causes so much havoc when couples have separate acounts that it makes you wonder if this shared thing is a good idea. Flores estimates seven out of ten clients mention being upset over something involoving social media and their partners, and she hears complaints about Facebook at least twice a day. According to Divorce-Online, a UK legal services firm cited in Mashable, Facebook was named in one-third of divorce filings in 2011.

All of that kind of brings new meaning to the phrase "it's complicated," no?

Let's hear from you: Would you share your social media account with your partner?

Alesandra Dubin is a Los Angeles-based writer and the founder of home and travel blog Homebody in Motion. Follow her on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter.

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