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Couples Who Share Social Media Accounts? Um, That’s Just Weird

A new trend shows that more couples are merging social media accounts — and reporting they’re happier for it

There’s a new trend in social media, and it’s not a fresh platform or a new app. Apparently, more and more

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A Galaxy Tablet for Older People

When not in use, the Claris Companion tablet functions as a digital picture frame.

Elderly people are often intimidated, or more likely annoyed, by much of modern technology, even though it can help them stay in touch with friends, family

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5 Rules Social-Media Sites Should Add for Totally Annoying Users

Social media is a great outlet for people to speak their mind, to share trending videos, and to stay in touch with friends and relatives. That is, until annoying social-media users log on.

It is easy to spot these users

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Vintage Apple Computer Disappoints at Auction

Source: Christie’s

Christie’s is auctioning off an original Apple-1 computer owned by Ted Perry as part of its First Bytes: Iconic Technology from the Twentieth Century, an online auction of vintage tech products.

The Apple-1 personal computer carried a retail

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Apple, Amazon Pull the Plug on ‘App Store’ Battle

Noah Berger | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Apple and have ended their lawsuit over who has the right to use the “app store” name, clearing the way for both companies to use it.

U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton in

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With the Nook’s Future Uncertain, What to Buy

David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

With Barnes & Noble in upheaval over losses in its digital reader division, consumers may wonder whether they should buy a Nook. But the better question, experts say, is whether an e-reader

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Expect More Volatile Earnings From IBM: Goldman

Getty Images

Part of IBM’s appeal has been relatively steady earnings growth despite uncertainty in corporate tech spending. But that looks to be undergoing a change, at least for a while, according to Goldman Sachs.

Downgrading IBM stock to neutral

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Microsoft’s Big Restructuring Reveal Coming: Report

Will Ballmer’s Broad Plan for Microsoft Succeed?

Mary Uhl-Bien, University of Nebraska professor, provides perspective on Zynga’s new hire and Microsoft’s restructuring plan.

A long-heralded shake-up at Microsoft is expected to unfurl this week, perhaps Thursday, at the urging of

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Why Facebook Graph Search May Be Transformational

Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg

Is Facebook Graph Search an advertising game-changer or a stalker’s dream? Actually, it could be both.

Facebook expanded the beta version of its Graph Search on Monday, rolling out the feature to all English-speaking users in

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