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With a little help from their Virtual friend, older Latino adults get more exercise

Main Category: Obesity / Weight Loss / Fitness
Also Included In: Seniors / Aging;  Arthritis / Rheumatology;  Hypertension
Article Date: 16 Aug 2013 – 1:00 PDT

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Best News Ever! Retail Therapy May Actually Be Good for You

Those who love to shop are often painted as lonely souls, trying to fill a void by buying — and becoming even more isolated in the process.

Not always so, according to new Dutch research. The relationship of shopping and

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Why Face Lifts Can Make You Look Younger, Not Hotter

Facial plastic surgery may turn back the hands of time, but new research suggests it may not, alas, boost attractiveness.

For this small study, 50 strangers were asked to guess the age and subjectively rank the attractiveness of 49 patients

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Can You Guess When Our Happiest Years Are?

If you think turning 40 will bum you out, just wait until you hit your mid-50s — that’s when regrets over unrealized goals really kick in.

But don’t worry, some of your happiest years are still ahead of you. According

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Can Sleeping Too Much Be a Problem?


If you often feel sad, sluggish and achy, and you’re constantly struggling with your weight, your thyroid could be the reason why you constantly feel so exhausted. This tiny gland controls how efficiently every cell in your body converts

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Live Smarter! 7 Life Shortcuts That’ll Save You an Hour a Day

What would you do if you had an hour all to yourself tonight? Read a book? Soak in the tub? Take a leisurely stroll? I’d shave my legs. With a full-time job, seven kids, two cats and a neurotic dog

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