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There’s the beach, and here you are on your laptop

Summer means vacation for the vast majority of Americans. But more and more often, those days off aren’t downtime.

Some 61 percent of Americans plan to work during vacation this year, according to a new survey by Harris Interactive.

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Homeowners insurance covers your possessions in that vacation rental home

Renting a sweet beach bungalow or rustic mountain cabin this summer? Here’s news that may help you really relax and enjoy it. Any belongings you take with you likely are covered under your homeowners or renters insurance, according to the

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Sun Valley Kicks Off With Hulu, IMG, Hot Start-Ups

Boutique investment bank Allen & Co. kicked off its annual media and tech conference Tuesday afternoon, with about 300 media moguls, tech titans, start-up CEOs, and high-profile VCs and investors gathering in Sun Valley, Idaho.

This annual off-the-record conference (panels

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Connecticut governor visiting tourism attractions

HARTFORD, Conn. — Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is visiting tourist attractions in southwestern Connecticut, seeking to draw attention to the state’s travel and tourism industry.

The industry is estimated to generate $11.5 billion annually in economic activity throughout the state

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A View From the Highway: Great Lakes Economics

CNBC’s Brian Sullivan just returned from his regular summer road trip to Wisconsin, where he had time to observe the changes in the economy from a different vantage point. The world sometimes looks different from behind the wheel than it

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