5 Rules Social-Media Sites Should Add for Totally Annoying Users

Social media is a great outlet for people to speak their mind, to share trending videos, and to stay in touch with friends and relatives. That is, until annoying social-media users log on.

It is easy to spot these users that we hate to -- but have to -- follow. They are usually found at the top of newsfeeds, tweeting non-stop or behind an extremely boring status.

To make Facebook and Twitter as enjoyable as they should be, here are five features that these social media sites should seriously consider implementing before users start signing off for good.

1. Annoying User: The Serial Status-Maker

We understand that serial status-makers may want to keep their followers up to date with their day, but people don’t care if they just took a shower or if they are about to go to the gym -- really.

New Rule: If serial status-makers post 15 statuses or tweets in one day, they will be prohibited from making any more. For how long, you ask? Well, each post over 10 will equal one hour of a time-out. So thirteen posts would equal three hours. It sounds harsh, but so is boring everyone.

2. Annoying User: The Extreme Liker

We understand if a status relates so perfectly to their life or if they love Beyonce so much that they just have to “like” her fan page, but do they really need to “like” every status, picture or page that crosses their screen?

New Rule: If they “like” 25 posts in one day, their thoughtfully picked-out profile picture will automatically become a thumb's down sign for 24 hours.

3. Annoying User: The Obsessive Significant Other

We get that they love their significant other, but is it necessary to write, “I love my boyfriend<3” or "My wife is better than yours" every hour of the day? Trust us, we’re not jealous, just annoyed.

New Rule: If they mention their significant other through statuses more than five times a day (and that includes uploading photos!) then their relationship status automatically becomes “single” for 24 hours. 

4. Annoying User: The #Hashtagger

It’s simple. The purpose of a hashtag is so people can follow the latest trends on sites like Twitter and Instagram. Guess what happens when you click on a hashtag on Facebook? Nothing!

New Rule: Every photo a hashtagger accidentally uploaded then quickly deleted and every picture that was untagged to avoid embarrassment will randomly link to each hashtag created. You did it to yourself, Facebook hashtagger. 

5. Annoying User: The Personal Sharer

We’re so glad that personal sharers have plans to go to Starbucks at 3:15 p.m. but things like this are what private messages are for.

Rule: If personal sharers write a time and place on someone’s wall, an event will be created and sent to all of their friends. And don’t worry about the money -- the iced chai lattes are on them.

Teresa Roca is an iVillage contributing writer. Follow her on Google+.

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